Some interesting and thought-provoking posts from “Around the Blogs.” Some are weeks-old… sorry ’bout that, but that’s what happens when you take a couple weeks off. Check ’em out, starting with:

Graduate School and Teaching, AKA ‘Why Grad Students Should Teach,’ by guest Joel Corbo at Cosmic Variance. The post was written with physics students in mind, but applies equally well to biologists.

A New Step in Evolution – Fantastic article by Carl Zimmer on the work of MSU biologist Richard Lenski, who is studying bacterial evolution over thousands of generations (since 1988!).

Cell Potpourri: Eukaryotes and their Organelles, with comments on new peer-reviewed papers (Open Access) at Twisted Bacteria.

Structure of an R01: Specific Aims – Suggestions and more from PhysioProf at Drug Monkey.

Only Nature Could Turn the Success of PLoS ONE into a model of failure – Jonathan of Tree of Life tears down a rather inept editorial published in Nature.