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The Periodic Table? Well, something like it….

by on 20th of December, 2010 in Fun Stuff

The Element Song – by Tom Lehrer

I think I'm safe in saying that all chemistry students know (or should know!) this song.  It's one of my favourites, and I think it only fair that you, as molecular biologists, should also get to know it.   First recorded back in 1959, Tom Lehrer was Professor of Math at Harvard University who went on to write many more humorous songs throughout the 60's.  As someone once suggested, "they should name the next element Lehrerium" and I couldn't agree more.

And so, with much alliteration and no particular relation to the ordering of the periodic table, I present a stunning rendition of "The Element Song" .  By the way, I still have the vinyl copy!

Hope you enjoy it and have a great Xmas break!

About the author: Allison Ross
Freelance writer and editor working under the company name of RossWrite. Formerly worked as a postdoc chemist in the stem cell materials field.

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