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Science communication in the 70’s – a unique take on protein synthesis!

by on 7th of December, 2010 in Fun Stuff

Yes, science has always been portrayed by enthusiasts in various guises.  Here’s is a video from the 1970’s with the evidence!

The participants are truly a joy to watch (from the perspective of someone who remembers the 70’s well) with their dance and narrative interpretation of protein synthesis in the ribosome.  As one person commenting on the original release said:  I never knew there existed for a moment an intersection of biochem, dance, film, poetry, music, performance art, and education. Gotta bring it back in updated form”.

After watching – I’m sure you’ll agree (pay particular attention to the music!).

Enjoy, digest and learn…..

About the author: Allison Ross
Freelance writer and editor working under the company name of RossWrite. Formerly worked as a postdoc chemist in the stem cell materials field.

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