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by on 1st of February, 2008 in Of Interest

The Future of Scientific Publishing, and Bloggers talk to bloggers, scientists talk to scientists – How science is communicated is changing rapidly. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with, in fact.

10 more interesting posts from around the blogs, below the fold…
SA Smith – Do "women do science differently from men?"

Please, Just Kill Me Instead – The NIH R01 grant application process is a nightmare.

Getting Into Graduate School – Tips and suggestions.

Manipulating Nature – Comment on Venter's artificial genome in the news, and how it's over-hyped.

MitoWheel 1.0: the human mitochondrial genome just got visual! – One hell of a neat analytical tool.

1 SNP to rule them & in the darkness bind them? – On an interesting linkage study, uncovering the genetic basis of eye color.

Not so fast, daf-2: IGF-I is all kinds of good for you – Why should a hormone that is neuroprotective and cardioprotective, and that prevents oxidative damage, insulin resistance and mitochondrial dysfunction, shorten the overall lifespan?

miRNAs vs. siRNAs: Part of the Mystery Solved – How the protein Dicer discriminates between different RNAs.

Cancer and Myc – Comments on one of the most-studied proteins involved in cancer progression.

About the author: Dan Rhoads
Dan is a postdoc working at the University of Cyprus in developmental biology. He has a BSc in molecular biology and a PhD pharmacology and biochemistry.

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